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Buri Buri Elementary School

325 Del Monte Avenue, South San Francisco, CA. 94080 | Office (650) 877-8776 | Fax (650) 583-5021


Buri Buri Elementary School

Principal:  Cregg Ramich

Asst. Principal:  Lorena Reyes

Admin Asst:  Vera Pedroza

325 Del Monte Avenue

South San Francisco, CA. 94080

Office (650) 877-8776

Fax (650) 583-5021


Parents/Guardians:  Please keep us informed of absences by reporting them as soon as possible. 

24-Hour Hotline:

Leave a message

650-877-8776 ext.3003

Please provide the following information:

Student’s full name, teacher, room number,

date(s) and reason for absence.

2017-18 Schedule

clock-clip-art-clock-clip-art-7.jpgRegular Days:

8:25 to 2:40 (1-5)

  8:25 to 1:30 (K/TK)*


Minimum Days: 

 8:25 to 12:55 pm (all students)


Early Release Days: 

8:25 to 1:40 (1st - 5th)

8:25 to 1:30 (Kinder/TK)


Classroom doors will open at 8:15

Please do not drop off students early.  There is not supervision.


*Kindergarten/TK Students dismissed at 12:30 for the first 13 days of school:  8/16/17 - 9/1/17

Early Release Days will take place every Wednesday from August 30 to May 16th



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New Multi-Purpose Room! WE ARE IN!

Going Going Gone! Demolition of Old Cafeteria

2 Buri Buri Bobcats are Fire Prevention Poster Winners: Takeo Yuzon Arroyo (gr 5) and April Lau (gr 1).


                                                                            BURI BURI BOBCAT NEWS

November 17th, 2017




  1. Report Card Distribution   Friday               November 17


  1. Thanksgiving Break          Wed.- Friday              November 22-24


     3.   Lost and Found Tables     Mon.- Tues. (If no rain)  November  20-21


     4.  End of Buri Donation Drive  Thursday                      November 30   


New Trial TK and  Kindergarten Pick Up Policy  


In an effort to increase safety and security of our school, we will be trying a new Kindergarten/TK pick dismissal and pick up process. Starting the Monday, November 27th  after Thanksgiving, we will open the gate at 1:30 and ask that all adults walk into the Kinder Playground and pick up their student and then proceed back out the gate.  


At 1:45, Ms. Magalit will sweep the area of any parents and  students not yet picked up who are not staying for intervention, and escort the students to the office and lock the gate behind her. The gates will remain closed until 2:40 for the dismissal of the rest of the students. Thank you for your support in this change.                                                       


Construction Update

We began using our new Multi-Purpose Room earlier this month. Our lunch service has been going smoothly and the students are loving their new lunch space. The Library and Exploratorium are nearly completed and we look forward to inhabiting them very soon. The next month or so should be very exciting for all of us. Stay Tuned! Check out our Website for the latest photos! I have included a few below too. As you may have noticed, our old Multi-Use Room is currently being torn down. This is the last building from our old campus to be demolished. Demolition of the building itself should be complete today. Next week,  concrete will be broken up (It might be a bit loud on Tuesday especially) and hauled away to make room for the new parking lot and landscaping on El Campo.


Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Our gift wrap should arrive on Monday, November 20. Please pick up your orders from the Multi-Purpose Room on Tuesday, November 21. Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts.


Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear orders were delivered to students today. We look forward to seeing all our student sporting their new Bobcat t-shirts and sweatshirts. Thank you for your orders.



A big Buri Buri Bobcat  Thank you to all of you who have accepted the challenge to park a few blocks away and spend some quality minutes previewing and reviewing the day with your Bobcat.  The exercise and conversation are great for all and it has really helped to relieve the congestion on Del Monte in the morning. Keep up the good work!


Traffic and Parking Notice

We would like to thank everyone for working with us to model our school rules during drop off and pick up. It has come to our attention that there have been some $43 double parking tickets issued during pick up. Some were not even warned, but had their information taken down and the ticket sent to them in the mail. We are very sorry about that.  We have attempted to understand how being in your car and in line to pick up your student on Del Monte is Double Parking. SSFPD has informed us that those individuals who impede the flow of traffic whether or not they are in the car, are considered to be double parked. The example used was the arrival section of SFO where you are not allowed to simply idle and wait for your traveler. In order to avoid being ticketed, we suggest that you come to school a couple minutes early and legally park in the neighborhood and walk to the school while you wait for the students to be dismissed.


Thanksgiving Holiday - Wednesday, November 22 - Sunday, November 26.

We wish all our families a happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday. We are so thankful for each and every family.


Buri Buri Bobcats Give Back

Second Harvest Food Bank Food Drive

Our food drive is in full swing. Thank you to all families who have so generously donated much needed food the those in need in our community. Over 7oo pounds of food have already been collected!  Keep up the Good work! We will continue to accept donations until November 30. Donation drop-off cans are located in each building.


Girl Scout Donations

Girl Scout Troop 62133 is collecting NEW TOILETRIES and NEW SOCKS/UNDERWEAR for families whose homes, schools and employment have been affected by the Napa area fires. !!!!  We will continue to accept donations until November 30. Donation drop-off cans are located in each building.


Bobcat fun fact: Wild bobcats do the majority of their hunting in low-light conditions. The animals usually wake up three hours before sunset and then go back to sleep at around midnight; they wake up again roughly an hour before dawn.


Cregg Ramich


Buri Buri Elementary School


November is Literacy Month: 20 Ways to Celebrate National Family Literacy Day

Did you know the single greatest indicator of children’s success is the literacy level of their parents? Did you know that parental involvement in their child’s reading has been found to be the most ...more

Mark Your Calendar








Find the 2017-18 District Calendar Here



Please don't forget to check the calendar and plan trips and appointments around school holidays!

Look Here for schedules and lists of Teacher Collaboration Days and Minimum Days

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Academic Support/Academic Instruction

School Construction


Buri Buri Construction Package Approved!

At the 2/23/17 board meeting, trustees approved the bid package to finish construction at Buri Buri Elementary School.  Construction on the new MPR (cafeteria), and library/exploratorium will begin soon.  They are expected to be completed in October, 2017.  The demolition of the old cafeteria and construction of the teacher parking lot is expected to wrap up in December, 2017.


Please visit the district website for the most recent Measure J construction update.  You can also learn more on our PTA website.

Text Reminders

Wcell-phone-text-message.jpgould you like to receive text message reminders from the school?


Text "Opt In" to:  68453


It's the easiest way to be reminded about early release and non-student days!

Bobcat Best at Drop Off

Parents:  Please model our school rules at drop off time. 


Bobcats are Safe, Caring, Respectful and Responsible.



Here are a few reminders based on recent observations:


  • Please remember that there is no parking in the drop off lane between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm


  • Please do not drop your student off on the street before the drop off lane.  It backs up traffic on Del Monte.


  • Please do not make U-turns in the middle of Del Monte.  It is dangerous!


  • Please do not block neighbors' driveways or use them for U-turns.


See this page for a video guide to safe and considerate use of the drop off lane. 


No-Parking-Sign.jpgThank you for doing your Bobcat Best at drop off!no-u-turn.jpg

Being our Bobcat Best

Lunch Time at Buri Buri

lunch.JPGK/Kindergarten:  11:10 am

First Grade:  11:35 am

Second/Third Grade:  12:00 pm

Fourth/Fifth Grade:  12:45 pm

All grades have lunch first and then recess, 20 minutes each



Here are more details about lunch at Buri Buri


Please review Eating Areas Rules with your students


Lunch menus, lunch applications and Meal Time HERE